The Way of the Rose

Photography By: Luke Eiermann

The Way of the Rose

By: Jessica Richard

Her leaves shoot forth,

As day and night follow.

A bud is born in secret.

A delicate, tender, pink little bud.

It is almost time for her to shine,

But she waits for just the right moment,

To light up the room,

As she prepares to leave,

Something behind.

How does the rose feel,

When she shows up to the ball in full bloom?

Does she dare to be proud?

No, not at all!

For her time is short,

And her petals,

Her beauty,

Are not for her own glory,

But the glory of The Creator whom fashioned her.

So she dances the night away in elegance and grace.

She bursts and glories with the other young buds,

She sways and rocks,

She plays her part,

As the wind leads her,

In the vast array of colors,

Till the clock tocks twelve,

And her petals fade into the background,

Drifting away as stardust in the night.

A far and distant memory.

Her heart is not lifted up because she knows,

Her time has come to an end.

Her delicate leaves are only a reminder of her beauty.

And although most of her petals are plucked,

And her seeds are exposed,

Disgruntled in fashion,

She still smiles at me sweetly,

Behind what remains,

Because she leaves behind,

Something more precious than her dancing bloom.

She leaves behind,

A hope and a future,

She leaves behind,

Her seeds.

Which will produce more blooms,

Than she could ever dream.





Beautiful blooms that dance in full delight.











But she leaves behind,

Her seed.

Such is the way of the rose,

Such is the way of a woman.

– Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. – Proverbs 31:30


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