Are you a Scaredy Cat?

I’m going to be honest with ya’ll. I am the biggest scaredy cat EVER. I really am, and there are far to many times that CJ (my hubby) takes advantage of this. But, the other day I realized how paranoid I really am. I was slowly creeping my way down the stairs to the basement looking left and right and making sure that there was not a goon waiting for me at the last step. even though my basement is fully finished (and not scary at all) I was still imagining a troll or a demon popping out from behind the washer as I screamed out in sheer terror. But then a Bible verse came to mind. “For He did not give me the spirit of fear, but of power love and a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7. I started whispering this to myself as I was loading the laundry and I started feeling bold enough that if something did grab my leg I could tell it what the bible says, and then punch it in the face. 🙂 But then I realized that I barley know anything about what the bible says. Thankfully while I was reading Psalms this morning I came across a verse that really stuck out to me. Psalms 31:24 says…

Be of good courage,

And He shall strengthen your heart,

All you who hope in the Lord.

Then I realized that God doesn’t expect me to be courageous naturally. He is giving me the choice, and if I say, “Yes, Lord. I trust You; I do hope in You.” Then He will strengthen my heart for me. I don’t have to be strong, I don’t have to be perfect, I might be a natural born scardey cat, but I don’t have to stay that way. The Bible says, “Behold I am making all things new.” Revelation 21:5. And that’s what I am.  I am a new creature in Christ, Jesus. (2 Corinthians 5:17). I don’t have to be afraid anymore because He went to the cross so that I could be in right standing with The Father.

Isn’t God good, ya’ll? Next time you feel afraid, remember that you DO have the authority when you remain in Him. Don’t give your power away to the enemy. And, if he still tries to scare you, then knock him out with The Word. Love ya’ll.

“I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” (Jesus) Luke 10:19.  

– Jess


Photography and Artwork by Jessica Richard


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